I’m a total dweeb…

…For not posting a link to my new blog. Just realized that there are some of you out there who are still visiting this old thing. :)

So here it is!



The end where I begin

[BGmusic: Tell Me by Catfish Haven]

Quote for the day:

“Umibig ka lang at mabigo.”

- how to lose weight, according to Kuya Dwight

Yes, I know I’ve been gone an awfully long time.  I’m a disgrace to the blogworld, but let’s not go into that now, because I’m tired of apologizing to my blog.  Cause it’s creepy.

The reason why I’m able to blog again after so long is because classes are over for this semester, so I have a little more freedom to do what I want. AND I WANNA BLOG! Still have some deadlines and an exam coming up, but we don’t want to talk about them, now, do we?

Now, I just wanna think out loud. Expect incoherence. So be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Thinking begins… now.

I must say that when I think of how left behind I am compared to my peers, the whole “growing up” thing has been unfair to me. [Now, please, save your spittle and don't tell me that growing up is overrated because as long as it's not overdone, it's not.  This world is no Neverland yet it has more than enough of its share of Peter Pans, if you catch my drift.] Continue reading ‘The end where I begin’


You stayed for a while and held my hand.

And for a while, it made sense.

Until morning came, and I woke up.

Oy vey!

[This isn't me being emo. This is me being *points up there* cryptic.  Okey!]

Remembering Mr. Mendez

Cris Mendez
March 7, 1987 – August 27, 2007
Hazing Victim

UP Student-Led Anti-Fraternity Violence Watch (SAWA)

Please post in your Multiply accounts, blogs, etc. Show your friends that you are against all forms of fraternity-related violence. End the culture of tolerance! Ipakita mong sawa ka na!!!

(Picture from SAWA e-group c/o LSG President Jobert Navallo)


[BGmusic: Older Chests by Damien Rice]

Quote for the day:

“Kung ‘di na kaya ng sariling lakas o kakayahan, idaan nalang sa fighting spirit.”

- my sister’s guy friend Leo F.

“…At kape.”

- my sister

Recently, one of the boys nearest and dearest to my heart – let’s call him Juan – told me about his peelings for a certain someone of the opposite sex – let’s call the apple of his eye Apple.  I was both shocked and elated because:

  • I had pegged Juan as one of those guys who just doesn’t have crushes [i.e. he's not entirely human]. Like, whenever friends of mine would ask me who he likes [sabay kindat], I’d be all, “Meh, don’t bother, Juan hasn’t liked anyone since the beginning of time. That boy will probably die an old maid.”
  • He told me who his secret crush is! Woohoo!

Juan’s stories are really cute because it’s like he just discovered that girls aren’t just boys with curvy bits.  He went through the whole “I’ve never felt this way before” speech yesterday, and I doubled up with laughter when he said:

“Why are you girls so cool?!”

Hilarious stuff.

I didn’t tell Juan this because I didn’t want to interrupt his schoolgirl gushing, but it’s prrrobably because when we girls were having all those weird crushes for the first time, you [read: clueless] guys were making puberty ten times more miserable by snapping our bras and poking fun at the bodies we had yet to grow into. Call it bad karma, but really, you reap what you sow.  *enter smug laughter* Continue reading ‘BOY HITS PUBERTY!’

Overanalysis 101

[BGmusic: My Time With You by David Choi (♥) and Kina Grannis (love this song sooo much - it's on loop)]

Quote for the day:

“I was like never like this to a girl before. Interested not with the sexy look [LOL!!!!], but with the sense of what we talk to.

- *SAMWAN*‘s secret admirer
is not so secret anymore heehee.
[Bold-ing mine.]

So awhile ago, I ran into this boy that I had totally forgotten about.

[EDIT] But before everything else… PANIC AT THE DISCO!

Pic by my sister, who recently discovered that her camera had this function that lets her take theatre pictures without having the lights bleed together. Neat, eh?

‘Twas a latta fun. Not the best concert I’ve ever been to but fun nonetheless. [/EDIT]

Anyway, back to my story about running into a boy I had forgotten about. Our “history” – if you can call it that – is actually pretty interesting. Well… interesting for me. To make the short [but interesting] story even shorter, I used to hate this guy’s guts [I won't tell you why because some people might figure out who he is from that], but I ended up working with him and eventually found out that he was really, really nice. And you guys know how I like nice boys [if you don't, now you do].


First thoughts:

  2. “OH CRAP I LOOK LIKE A BOY!” [I wasn't looking too attractive today. Let's just say that my morning didn't start on the best side of the kitchen sink.]

But he didn’t seem to mind, and actually looked pretty pleased to see me.


The wishful thinking beginneth.

Him: “Hi!”

Me: “Oh my gosh!”

Continue reading ‘Overanalysis 101′


[BGmusic: Behind the Sea by Panic at the Disco]

Quote for the day:

“I know it’s sad, but I never gave a damn about the weather, and it never gave a damn about me.”

- Panic at the Disco, Do You Know What I’m Seeing?

Awhile ago I missed my Comparative Literature class.  My first absence in the semester.  For that class.

I didn’t do it on purpose.  I swear I didn’t.

This is what happened.  I got some posters printed out at the Shopping Center.  It took a little longer than I wanted it to because the printer, you know, just wanted to make my life a little more interesting and refused to work.  Then when I was walking to Vinzon’s, where I was going to put up the posters, it started to rain.

First it was just a couple of droplets on my nose and shoulders.  It was like that for about five seconds.  Then it started to pour.  POUR.

I actually enjoy walking in the rain, but remember that I had freshly printed posters with me.  I tried shoving them in my shirt but because I was quickly getting drenched, I decided to take shelter under the nearest shade.  Which happened to be in front of the Computer Center.

I sat down.  Hoped for some friend-with-a-car to come by and save my arse.  No-one did, but I wasn’t too disappointed, because no-one ever comes when you really need them.  So I sat there, all wet and sad, with only the rain and my memories to keep me company *enter Air Supply*. Continue reading ‘Stranded’


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